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Rose McGowan's Short Film Ruth Highlights the Woman Who Cared For Abandoned AIDS Victims.

"The cinematography is eerie, mundane, and whimsical all in one. I cannot recall the last time I’ve seen something so beautiful portrayed on screen. "


"The film evokes emotion not just through it’s script and subject matter but through the use of perfectly calculated melancholic color schemes set against drab backgrounds, dimly lit, with our attention focalized on profound objects of symbolism — like the red dress in the shot above. The film uses every tool at hand while remaining minimalist, and produces a profound effect."


Shot by cinematographer Anka Malatynska, the hospital corridor and Billy's room are in a dreamy haze; as Ruth stands at the foot of his bed, a golden light streams through the curtain of the window in the middle of the shot. - Rose McGowan for

Director: Rose McGowan

Producer: Zirkova Vodka

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