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Anka Malatynska – AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE named her one of the 10 RISING STARS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY 2019! She most recently shot the indie Dramedy feature BREAKING FAST, produced by Seth Hauer (Associate producer on LOOKING and the new TALES OF THE CITY). “Breaking Fast” tells the story of Mo, a practicing Muslim living in West Hollywood, learning to navigate life post heartbreak, and Kal, an all-American guy who offers to break the fast with him during the holy month of Ramadan, the film is directed by Mike Mosallam.   Anka was educated & mentored by legendary cinematographers Laszlo Kovac's (EASY RIDER) and Vilmos Zsigmond (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) who instilled in her the importance of educating and bringing up the Next Generation of World Filmmakers.  Recently appointed as a visiting Professor in Cinematography and NUQ, Anka straddles the world of Hollywood Cinema and educating the Next Generation.  This year, Anka is slated as the Cinematographer of a new series Hulu and Annapurna called MONSTERLANDwhich explores Mythical Monsters as a metaphor for the problems faced by the modern day world.  The series is executive produced by Mary Laws (Mary Laws' Award Winning Play-Write of BLUE BERRY TOAST  and Screen writer AMC's TV series PREACHER and THE NEON DEMON) and Babak Anvari ( British-Iranian[2] filmmaker, best known for directing horror films such as UNDER THE SHADOW (2016) and WOUNDS (2019) which explore the Hysteria of the Iran-Iraq War).



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